New crisis of transports underway?

  There are already only 11 weeks left till Christmas, the days are getting shorter and so are the supply of trucks on the road.
There are several factors that anticipate more difficult times ahead for enterprises.

Green pass
In Italy, starting from the 15th of October 2021 it will be mandatory to have 2 shots of vaccine, to enter any kind of working environment. To make matters worse, only the vaccines from the EU are recognized. Therefore, all the companies that have hired drivers from Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia, will have problem within the European Union in general. It is a common practice to hire cheap labor force from other countries, as it is the only way to remain competitive in the market.
If that wasn’t enough there are many “no-vax” drivers that will be protesting these regulations, not only at Italian level, but also at European level. This means that we can expect to incur in some delays and perhaps even strikes, starting from the 15th of October. It’s important to mention that already many transport companies within the European Union are experiencing driver shortages. Even though the UK isn’t part of the EU anymore, it is a clear example of the damages it is incurring in due to driver shortages.
During this period of the year, from October to December, the spot prices for transports are in continuous increase, driven by seasonal demand by companies to sell goods or import raw materials. Taking into consideration what we mentioned in the paragraph above, you can infer that these two factors put together, can drive up the rates for transports exponentially.
In the next article we will discuss the impact of inflation and gasoline prices rising, which are contributing to the increase in pressure on supply chains and the overall economy. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for a spot quotation for your shipments. We will try to provide the most time and cost-efficient solutions.