Covid test at the border, traffic jams between Brixen and Brenner

Covid test at the border, traffic jams between Brixen and Brenner

Filtering action at the Verona Nord motorway station. "Carlo Costa, General Technical Manager of Autostrada del Brennero, explains: "We took immediate action to protect the safety of travellers.

The situation on the border with Austria due to the new covid regulations is getting worse. On the northbound Brenner motorway, queues of heavy goods vehicles formed today between Brixen and Brenner. For journeys whose destination is in Germany or has to be reached via Germany, a negative molecular or antigenic swab must be carried out within the previous 48 hours when entering Tyrol, not only at Brenner, but also at Reschenpass and at the San Candido-Prato alla Drava pass. For this reason, test stations have been set up. In order to avoid traffic congestion, checks are carried out along the A22 Brenner motorway at Verona and Affi. In the absence of a certificate, vehicles will be diverted to the A4 and A23 to enter Austria via the Tarvisio pass, informs the Traffic Control Centre of the Province of Bolzano."

A22 communication

In order to prevent the blockage of traffic at the Brenner Pass, where the temperature is currently around -10 degrees, and the consequent traffic jam along the Isarco Valley, Autostrada del Brennero - in agreement with the Ministry of Transport, the Government Commissioner of Bolzano, the Traffic Police and Viabilità Italia, which is coordinating the operations - has ordered a filtering action at the Verona North motorway station, so as to prevent travellers heading for Austria, unaware of the instructions of the Austrian authorities, from finding themselves blocked at the border. A22 points out: ""We have taken immediate action - explains Carlo Costa, General Technical Director of Autostrada del Brennero - to protect the safety of travellers. As early as yesterday, thanks to the responsiveness of all those involved, from the Government Commissioner's Office in Bolzano to the health service of the Province of Bolzano and Viabilità Italia, we were able to avoid potentially dangerous traffic congestion scenarios by means of the filter set up in Verona and, at the same time, to start carrying out rapid antigenic swabs during the night. Now," Costa concludes, "we are preparing to welcome, again within Sadobre, the military health facilities sent by the Ministry of Defence in agreement with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Interior. Since yesterday evening, in fact, a facility has been set up in the Sadobre terminal in Sterzing to carry out rapid antigen swabs. Northbound traffic at the Brenner Pass in the morning amounted to around 40 to 50 vehicles per hour, while southbound traffic is still running at around 300 to 400 vehicles per hour.